Twin Sisters Arrested On Separate DUI Charges Within 24 Hours Of Each Other

Twin sisters are due back in court on Tuesday after being separately busted for alleged drunk driving on nearly the same day.

One twin was arrested at 1:49 am last Saturday and the other on 1:46 am Sunday. Both alleged incidents involving the 25-year-old sisters occurred in Connecticut, with the cases being heard in New London Superior Court.

According to the Daily Mail, “It’s been said that a twin experiences the feelings and sensations the other one is going through — though in this case telepathy wasn’t necessary, because 25-year-old Hannah Murphy was arrested for drunken driving less than 24 hours after her sister Kathleen Murphy.”

In the first incident, one of the twins allegedly backed into another car in the parking lot of a local bar called Hootie’s Good Times Cafe. The Hartford Courant reports that charges include “driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unsafe backing, improper use of markers, driving without minimum insurance, and failure to register a motor vehicle eligible for commercial registration.”

About 24-hours later elsewhere in the area, the other twin struck a sign and left the scene according to police. “She was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, evading responsibility, and failure to drive on the right.”

Oddly enough perhaps, with regard to the first incident, another alleged drunk driver later that morning bumped into the same car in the Hootie’s parking lot, and police charged that operator with DUI.

Fortunately there were no reported injuries in any of these alleged DUI cases.

According to recent government statistics from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the rate for driving under the influence of alcohol is highest among the 21-25 age cohort. The Centers for Disease Control claims that younger drivers are also more likely to be involved in fatal DUI-related crashes.

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