This Samurai Warrior Has Insane Football Skills [Video]

Being a Samurai means upholding eons of traditions and honoring the past warriors with the curved blade. We have all seen the legendary Samurai warriors fighting with their swords and full-body armor in ancient Japan. Hence when this Samurai warrior takes to the field, it is unbelievable what he does; not with his sword, but with a simple football.

Marking his entry at the most opportune moment when the FIFA World Cup fever is beginning to grip the world, this Samurai warrior decided to drop-in with his insane tricks with a football. The warrior is actually one recruited by Nissin for FIFA World Cup. Nissin is a Japanese instant noodle-in-a-cup maker and in the endeavor of promoting their brand using something that is very unique to Japan, chose an actual martial arts practitioner, trained in the ancient ways of Samurai warriors.

The brief 2 minute video is enough to prove that a Samurai warrior isn’t just handy with the blade, but can easily master the art of keeping the football in the air using all the body’s extremities, except the hands, reported Konbini.

The ad titled, Samurai in Brazil, shows the Samurai (in complete armor and sword in tow), literally kicking up a storm. The samurai chooses to impress and inspire a bunch of Brazilian kids playing football in a playground and several young football enthusiasts, before moving on to more professional trick footballers. The Samurai readily accepts a challenge against trained professional in the battlefield, reported First Post.

Needless to say, the Samurai shreds the opponents in the kick-off. The footwork shown in the video is simply amazing as the Samurai shows of his exceptional agility that only comes after years of intense training. Judging from the video it is amply clear how the samurais must be training, practicing each of the moves, till they become second nature.

At times his feet move so fast that everything is a blur. Though it isn’t clear as to what, Nissin, the company behind the ad campaign, wanted to prove. But perhaps it wanted to show that Japan isn’t only for training warriors to become Samurais, or making electronics or super-bikes, but also has a passion for sports. Nothing could be farther than being a lethal Samurai warrior and a person that performs tricks with a football, but the campaign proves that an athlete is an athlete and can master any art.

There are some outrageous advertisements, but trust Japan to take levels several notches higher, even if it’s for a cup-noodle.

[Image Credit | YouTube]