Don’t plan on boarding a plane dressed as a clown

How can you tell when airport security has no sense of ha ha at all? Well ordering a gentleman dressed as a clown to be strip searched could be a start.

Such is the case of David Vaughan; age 60, who was dressed as his clown alter ego when he tried to board a plane that was only going to be circling Birmingham International Airport for an hour. You see Mr. Vaughan had been booked as Pc Konk by the Variety Club Midlands to entertain 100 disadvantaged children on a plane as it circled the region as a part of a one-hour charity flight.

According to an interview with Mr Vaughan they took him into the customs office where they among other things confiscated his plastic handcuffs

“I’d made sure I’d bought plastic handcuffs and a plastic whistle but I hadn’t realised that the costume had a metal band – I thought it was plastic.

“They took me to the customs office, I took off the costume and they put it through the X-ray machine.

“That was fine and I put it back on. Then they confiscated my handcuffs, which were plastic.”

Mr Vaughan was finally allowed to board the Thomas Cook-sponsored plane, which took off from Birmingham and returned an hour later.

Sorry but that is just plain stupid.

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