San Marino Mayor Throws Dog Poop On Opponents Walkway, Citizens Outraged [Video]

The Mayor of the town of San Marino in California has found himself in the midst of huge controversy after surveillance camera footage of him throwing a bag of dog poop on to a walkway went viral. Whats even more intriguing about the whole incident is the fact that the mayor had tossed the bag of poop on to the walkway of one of his political rivals. The Mayor in question, Dennis Kneier was seen throwing a bag containing dog poop on to the front yard of his neighbor Philip Lao, reports Yahoo.

After realizing that the incident was captured on surveillance tapes, the mayor has apologized to the citizens of San Marino, reports LA Times. The police have charged the mayor for littering and he faces a fine that could range from $250 to $1,000, according to San Marino police Lt. Paula Byrd. The mayor has said that he would be paying the citation for his mistake while adding that he would be continuing his duties as the mayor of the town.

Some residents of the town are however not impressed. Last Wednesday, many citizens at a city council meeting demanded the resignation of the mayor for the “poopgate” incident.

“Maybe you would like to do the gentlemanly thing and step down because many in this town think you are disgrace to this community,” resident Charlene Johnson said during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Another resident, Richard Haserot went ahead and presented a letter to the council which told them that the mayor’s poopgate incident caused “terrible embarrassment” the city.

“The incident seems, by rather a large group of residents, to be only the latest in a series of questionable behaviors, actions and judgments you have made about issues affecting San Marino,” he wrote.

He also urged other members of the council to take a stand.

The bag filled with dog poop was discovered by Lao as he was preparing to go out for a small walk with his wife. When he later checked the surveillance camera recordings, he saw that it was none other than the mayor of the town who threw the bag into his drive way. Philip Lao believes the mayor did so because he had put up a “No poop zone” sign in front of his house and had also opposed a public dog park that was proposed near the neighborhood. Lao has said that he is talks with his lawyer and would be suing the city as well mayor Kneier.

“It was with great regret that I did that and I apologize for that and I made it clear that would never happen again,” Mayor Kneier said in his defense.

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