Big Bang Theory Season 8 Spoilers? Producer Reveals What Sheldon Is Doing

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 will reveal the consequences of Sheldon’s decision to get on that train after his conflicts with Cal Tech as well the engagement of Leonard and Penny — and the loss to fire of the group’s favorite comic book store. Big Bang Theory Executive producer Steve Molaro revealed the current fate of Sheldon after getting on the train.

“As of now, he is off riding the rails like a hobo,” Molaro said. “We thought it would be interesting to take an episode and sort of systematically chip away at Sheldon and break him down to the point where he just needed to leave to process everything.”

But in one recent interview, Jim Parsons — who of course is the actor who portrays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory — suggested that Sheldon may not have boarded the train after all.

“He could show back up at home immediately, couldn’t he?” Parsons said. But he added that Big Bang Theory writers will not tell even him exactly where Sheldon is right now, as Season 7 segues into Season 8. “Nobody will tell me. I don’t know if they know yet. They may know, but I really don’t know if they do.”

Molaro said that the events at the close of Season 7 will not simply go away when The Big Bang Theory resumes in September with Season 8. Sheldon will need to deal with everything that has happened.

“It will have some effect on him,” Molaro offered, cryptically.

Simon Helberg, who plays Howard Wolowitz and has appeared in 160 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, said in an interview Friday that even though the show has been renewed for not one but three more seasons, he, like Parsons, is in the dark about what the future holds for his character.

He also said that never improvises or comes up with his own lines for Howard, saying that the writers know more about the show than the actors.

“They provide us with such unbelievable words,” said Helberg. “And they’re so fast and they know the show so incredibly well, that there really aren’t many moments where I feel like I could add anything to what they bring to it.”

Helberg is currently negotiating a new contract with Big Bang Theory producers, angling for a raise over the $125,000 per week he now receives. Parsons, who currently makes $300,000 for each episode of The Big Bang Theory is looking for a raise to $500,000 per week.