Raccoon With Peanut Butter Jar Stuck On Its Head Sprayed With Fire Hose To Rescue It From The Trees

A raccoon with a peanut butter jar stuck on his head led cops on a merry chase through the trees as the furry little devil attempted to thwart the would-be rescuers.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a little girl mauled by a raccoon had to have her ear replaced, but that still does not beat the story of a Texas family who found a Chupacabra raccoon.

When reports about the raccoon in distress reached the Flagler County sheriff’s office, Agricultural and Ranch Deputy Steve Williams was sent to the rescue along with several emergency services personnel and animal control officers. The raccoon in question had managed to wedge its head firmly into the plastic container, but was also hiding high up in a tree.

Deputy Williams climbed a ladder to attempt to reach the raccoon, but the scared creature scurried across a tree branch and jumped to the safety of another tree. Faced with this difficult situation, the authorities decided the best solution was to use a fire hose to knock the cantankerous raccoon down to the ground, where Williams and several others were waiting with a tarp to catch the animal.

Unfortunately, this plan went off about as well as the first idea since the peanut butter jar wearing raccoon managed to evade them once again, scrambling away once it was on the ground. The deputies finally managed to tackle the raccoon and remove the plastic container.

Despite having to resort to shooting the raccoon with a fire hose, Sheriff James L. Manfre says the deputies saved the animal’s life:

“The actions of Deputy Williams and all other rescue personnel saved this raccoon from certain death. Residents should not feed wild animals and should use caution when encountering them.”

Once deputies were certain the raccoon was okay, the animal was released back into the wilderness.

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