Missouri Twins Born 39 Days Apart: Mother’s Cervix Tied Shut For 39 Days

Missouri twins born 39 days apart are said to be doing well. According to People Magazine, Carl and David Cowan have finally been cleared to go home after four months in the hospital. Their story, however, is still quite amazing.

At 23 weeks into her pregnancy, Elene Cowan went into labor. Doctors learned that the amniotic sac holding baby Carl was bulging, and Elene delivered one of two twins very early. Carl weighed just over one pound at birth. Rather than deliver both babies, doctors actually tied Elene’s cervix shut. Her second baby was born 39 days later.

Of the experience, Elene said:

“It’s the hardest thing in my life that I’ve ever done. I thought that he would die and this really isn’t a baby. There’s no way he’s going to make it.”

The Missouri twins born 39 days apart didn’t have an easy start to life. Even though baby David was born almost six weeks after his younger brother, David only weighed 2.9 pounds at birth. While that is still very tiny for a newborn, Elene couldn’t help to think that his size was more “normal.” Upon first holding David, Elene couldn’t help but think, “Oh my word, this is a real baby.”

Although Carl and David are home and doing well, Carl is still on oxygen. The boys could have a tough time with various things from digestion to respiratory issues — and these things could affect them well into their toddler years — and beyond. However, Elene and her husband are simply blessed to have two miracle babies — and they know it.

Elene said:

“I’m so grateful to God and the prayers from everyone.”

According to KCTV, Elene’s husband (who works as a doctor in Saudi Arabia) has already returned to work. Elene has plans to join her husband as soon as her boys are healthy enough to travel.

The Missouri twins born 39 days apart aren’t the only twins with such drastic birthdays. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a couple in Boston recently welcomed twins born 24 days apart. Alexandre and Ronaldo are home and doing okay. Alexandre (who was born first and weighed 1lb, 10oz) is having some difficulties, and doctors think that he may need surgery. However, doctors are confident that both babies will be healthy.

In many cases, doctors would suggest that a mother in a situation like this carry her second baby for as long as possible. If there is no threat to the mom or the child, allowing the second twin even a few more weeks can make a big difference. All of these babies will hopefully have great lives.

[Photo courtesy of KCTV]

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