[Video] Long Island Reporter Doused By Hose Trying to Interview Mom Who Left Baby in Hot Car

Long Island got pretty effing hot this weekend, with temps in the super-high three digits on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

One North Shore mom was arrested during the heat wave for going to KMart in Huntington Station Friday and leaving her 13-month-old daughter in an unlocked car in the parking lot while she shopped and temperatures soared. The Mercedes in which the unattended baby was left was unlocked, however, so Suffolk County Police were able to easily reach the child to tend to her when the situation came to light. (As would have any baby grabbers, had a less well-intentioned person come across the kid before law enforcement officials did.)

While a tragedy- whether through kidnapping or hyperthermia- was luckily avoided during the incident on Friday, the story has become viral on the internet due to the child’s grandmother’s Long Island-y response. When local newschannel News12 Long Island (albeit quite ballsily) knocked on the family’s door for comment, 26-year-old Aimee Rachlin’s mother answered. And instead of providing reporter Christine Insinga with a comment, she provided Insinga with a cold drink. To the face.

Rachlin has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, and the baby has been returned to her custody. Do you think the reporter deserved a Poland Spring facial for her cheek?