Marc Anthony Court Order Doubles Support To Ex; Still Less Than She Wanted

Fans are reeling at the amount of the information recently released regarding Marc Anthony’s court order on child support: a whopping $26,800 per month. It’s twice what he was paying before, but only a fraction of what his ex, Dayanara Torres, was asking for.

If more than $26k per month sounds exorbitant, the amount Torres was requesting will really make your jaw drop: she wanted a court order for $123,426 per month. The reason, according to E! Online, is simply that it’s been ten years since the divorce, and her needs have changed.

Of course, in ten years prices have gone up, and most people’s cost of living has increased, but the people whose needs have increased such that they need an extra hundred thousand or so per month are few and far between.

Perhaps Anthony isn’t too dissatisfied with the court order, though, and documents obtained by Us Weekly show that his legal team was offering $28,000 per month.

He also offered an additional $30k per year for travel expenses, but the court only awarded Torres $12k of that amount.

The court order may also be disappointing for Torres. Previously, Anthony had been ordered to keep paying until the kids were 21 (they’re currently 10 and 13), as well as covering their college costs. The new order truncates support at age 18, consistent with California law.

Anthony also submitted into evidence a letter from a psychiatrist, stating the risks he believes would be inherent in raising children in the kind of lifestyle he believes 100k per month would support.

It’s not clear what all of the new needs were that would cause Torres to request an extra $100,000-plus per month, but one of the needs she specifically cited was a nanny and housekeeper, which she estimated would cost around $7,000 per month.

Torres also pointed out that Anthony’s income has drastically increased since the original order was settled in 2004.

Anthony has two other children as well, 6-year-old twins with Jennifer Lopez. According to Bollywood Life, he pays $18,000 per month for their support, though the divorce in that case has not yet been finalized.

According to TMZ, the documents also show that Anthony is making about $600,000 per month, which is actually a decrease from his peak, when he was raking in around $12 million per year.

Does his income being over half a million per month justify the judge issuing Anthony court order for $26,800 per month? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image Credit: Christopher B. Stolz]