Justin Bieber Hits The Studio With Chris Brown And Akon: New Music Rumors

Justin Bieber posts a ton of selfies and hit a Los Angeles recording studio with Chris Brown and Akon on Friday, after news that a plea deal in the singer’s Miami DUI case has been agreed and the LA County District Attorney has rejected a felony charge of attempted robbery against Bieber due to zero evidence of wrongdoing.

With his legal load now a little lighter, Justin Bieber followed up his Friday sad selfies and bed selfie with an Instagram photo of himself, Chris Brown, Akon and others at a recording studio.

Based on Justin’s happy expression in his Instagram, which was posted Saturday morning and captioned “Studio,” he and the boys had a great time in the Los Angeles music lab.

There’s no word on which artist booked the session. It’s possible Bieber dropped in on Chris or Akon’s and vice versa.

Could Brown, Akon and Bieber be making music together?

(Photo: Instagram, Bieber, Brown, Akon, Ali and another.)

On Friday, Justin posted a slew of stylishly melancholy Instagram snaps wearing sweats and a hoodie.

One of these was captioned “Dear Lord,” and appeared to comment on news regarding two of his legal cases.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that the DA is not pursuing a felony attempted robbery charge against Bieber, after a woman alleged he grabbed her cellphone at a batting cage/mini golf amusement complex in May.

While surveillance footage wasn’t available, none of the nine complex employees interviewed saw any sign of an altercation.

In addition, a claim by the accuser — who went running to TMZ before speaking to police — that Bieber allegedly made her daughter cry, was disproved by the 13-year-old herself.

As per the Los Angeles Times, the police report stated the teen admitted she cried over her “excitement” of being around Bieber.

(Photo: Instagram: Bieber, “Dear Lord.”)

In other Bieber legal news, his Miami lawyers are reportedly finalizing a plea deal agreement with prosecutors in his Miami DUI case.

Terms will reportedly see the singer avoid jail and probation, in exchange for pleading guilty to reckless driving, paying a fine and attending anger management classes.

Justin’s bed selfie read, “I got that sleep I was looking for,” and was followed by tweets of the singer posing with friends via his invested-in Shots Of Me app.

Bieber has returned to Los Angeles from a family event in Canada — which former girlfriend Selena Gomez reportedly also attended — following a tumultuous week during which videos of him using the N-word as a young teen touched off brutal media and fan comment.

The Canadian singer subsequently apologized twice.

Since then, a line-up of names including: Whoopi Goldberg, 50 Cent, Ricky Gervais, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Russell Brand, Soulja Boy, Trey Songz, the Young Money label, Metta World Peace and Usher have offered supportive statements, either declaring Justin as a 20-year-old is not a racist or denouncing the level of scrutiny he endures.

(Photo: Instagram, Brown, Lil Boosie and Tyga.)

Brown and Bieber have known and supported each other for years, previously collaborating on “Next To You” and the mixtape cut “Ladies Love me” in 2011.

Like Bieber, Breezy has also been hitting the studio since his release from prison on June 2 after a four-month jail stretch.

On Friday, Tyga posted a studio snap of himself, Brown and rapper Lil Boosie, who was also released from prison recently. He captioned it “FanofaFan,” which MTV muses may suggest the trio are working on a follow-up to Tyga and Breezy’s 2010 “Fan of a Fan” mixtape.

Brown also posted an Instagram of himself with producer/songwriter RoccStar and Latin star Prince Royce.

(Photo: Bieber Instagram, captioned, “Throwback.”)

Earlier this past week, Bieber popped into a studio with Australian singer and friend Cody Simpson, who revealed the guitar-backed track focuses on “love and women.”

After Justin’s surprise Instagram posting then deletion of an emotive photo of himself and Gomez, future fevered lyric analysis by media and fans is guaranteed.

(Video: On arriving at the LA studio Friday, Justin was greeted by a small group of fans.)

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