Man Loses An Inch Of His ‘Organ’ After Hospital Botches Up Surgery

Misdiagnosis and other errors at the hospital are quite common. This Canadian man suffered a similar fate, though no one would want to undergo what he had to endure.

A hospital in the Montreal area has apparently reduced the size of a Canadian man’s pecker. He is now suing the hospital for negligence after he alleged that surgery on his member ended up shortening it and preventing him from having sex. He further claims that this extremely unfortunate event ruined his marriage too.

The man, whose identity was withheld by Sun Media, told the newspaper he had been rushed to hospital in 2011 with a fractured appendage. He is a paraplegic and apparently injured his penis while having intercourse with his wife in July 2011. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in the suburbs of Le Gardeur. The suit claims that the nurse looked at his member, but did not physically examine it. Apparently the nurse misreported the condition, which led an off-site doctor to misdiagnose it as minor trauma.

“This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs,” said the man, reported Toronto Sun.

He subsequently underwent surgery to correct the injury, which the suit claims left permanent scarring and reduced his penis “about an inch” in length. The plaintiff says that he was unable to have sex for two years, which caused his now-disgruntled wife to leave him. As for the size of the pecker, the man realized that the surgery was botched only after several weeks. During initial investigation, the man learned that he had fractured his penis, though the accident was reported as minor trauma. It is still isn’t clear as to why treatment for trauma to the penis resulted in reduction of its size.

The man is currently seeking Can$155,000 ($142,680) in damages for negligence and “indescribable anguish,” according to a statement of claim cited by Sun Media.

Unfortunately, botched up surgeries are alarmingly common. Earlier this year, an Englishman who underwent surgery for a minor urological disorder ended up getting a vasectomy instead. According to The Telegraph, over 150 patients in Britain’s National Health Service have suffered from botched procedures over the course of a six-month period. In the majority of these cases, patients usually had surgery on the wrong part of the body. But this is might be the first reported incident of a man losing an inch of his wiener.

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