WWE News: WWE Planning To Build A Physical Hall Of Fame?

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has become a staple during WrestleMania season, as it takes place the night before the big event. Legends are there, being inducted, and they all get to go into a place that richly deserve… a Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame is great, but it’s currently not like the MLB, NFL, and NBA Halls of Fame.

All of the Halls above are physical places. They exist somewhere in the United States, where you can go and see memorabilia, busts, etc. The WWE simply has a record of people in the Hall — there is not a physical Hall of Fame. It is a sad state of affairs, as the WWE has had the time and money to invest into it. The issue for them was always the location. Now, the WWE might have figured out all of the bugs in the situation which means we could see a physical Hall of Fame in the near future.

WWE’s Performance Center was built last year in Orlando, and Triple H was at the helm of the entire project. It was his baby that he made happen. In fact, on the day of the opening, Triple H was present at the press event; Vince McMahon had not even seen the Center. Triple H has gained a lot more power over the last 3 years and he is currently being groomed to become the next head of the WWE along with his wife and Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie has been in control of a lot of the business, while Triple H has been part of the creative and wrestling side of things. Triple H wants to get a physical Hall of Fame up, as does Vince McMahon. The issue is that Triple H is really the only guy pushing for it while Vince wants to focus on other things more important to the company in his eyes.

Speculation first began regarding a physical Hall when rumors of statues and busts were being made, as well as the WWE collecting memorabilia from inducted wrestlers or their families. They’d have no need for such things without a physical Hall of Fame.

The WWE already had a statue made of Bruno Sammartino, which may go in front of the building or right inside by the looks of it.

The location of the building could be near or around the Performance Center in Orlando. The WWE wants to keep everything close by, and they feel having something in a popular tourist location would be “best for business.” So most expect it to be located in Florida. There was talk of having it near where TNA films iMPACT, around Universal Studios. I doubt it would be so close, but you never know. It’s all in where the WWE can find property to plant what they hope will be a Hall of Fame/Museum. There is a rumor going around that they want to have it open by some point in 2015, but you never know with the WWE. Stay tuned for more as we know it.

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