Kangaroo Attack Leaves 94-Year-Old Victim in the Hospital

According to Ms Johnson, she was taking the down the laundry from the clothes line in her backyard when the red kangaroo came at her.

Towering over Phyllis, the animal knocked her to the ground and then kicked her several times before she managed to get back on her feet and grab a nearby broom.

“I thought it was going to kill me,” Phyllis recalled in an interview with local newspaper the Courier-Mail.

After dazing the angry kangaroo by striking it several times with her broom, Ms Johnson ran to the safety of her granny flat and had her son call the police.

When Australian police arrived on the scene they initially tried subduing the creature by using pepper spray on it, but after realizing that their attempts were only angering the kangaroo even more, they were forced to call in National Parks and Wildlife officers to capture it.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management says it euthanized the kangaroo on Wednesday afternoon.

As for Ms Johnson, she is doing just fine, according to her son Rob.

“She’s got scratches and cuts on her arms and there is a piece taken out of her leg that might have to have a skin graft on it. But other than that she’s bouncing around fairly well now.”

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