Xbox On: Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Is Controlling Consoles

The Xbox One’s voice commands is supposed to be the future of controlling consoles. Instead, a recent Microsoft commercial featuring Breaking Bad and Need for Speed actor Aaron Paul is causing a little havoc with some Xbox owners.

In a commercial to promote the new $400 price point of the Xbox One, Paul issues the command “Xbox On” to turn on his console. Some Reddit and Twitter users have reported Paul’s command turning on their console while they were watching TV. Additional commands in the commercial such as “Xbox go to Titanfall” and “Xbox snap TV” are also having unintended results.

I tested these commands out with my own Xbox One and copy of Titanfall by playing the commercial back on my computer that is in the same room as well as the TV but could not reproduce the results. However, you can see one YouTube user’s Xbox One obeying Paul in the video below.

The Xbox One uses the Kinect sensor to actively listen for voice commands from people in the same room even when the console is turned off in stand-by mode. It is supposed to filter out background noise, such as the sound from the TV, but that is obviously not always the case.

There is a way to keep the Xbox One from turning on through random “Xbox On” commands. You can go to console Settings and select the “Power and startup” option. In that menu, you’ll be able to uncheck the “Wake up Xbox by saying ‘Xbox On'” check box when the “Instant On” power mode is selected. The other option is to shut the console down all the way by holding your finger against the power button on the Xbox. And, of course, you can always simply unplug the Kinect or just buy the Kinect-less version of the console.

Microsoft recently setup a feedback site for the Xbox One. The company has made a concerted effort to show that it is listening to fans since Phil Spencer took over the role as head of Xbox earlier this year. If you have any suggestion on how the company might improve the console and voice commands, you can let your voice be heard.

Has Aaron Paul turned on your Xbox One or made it follow other voice commands? Let us know!