Burger King Salad Becomes Deadly

A customer at a Burger King restaurant in Northern Arizona found an ingredient in her salad that was not originally on the menu: a potentially dangerous razor blade. The incident happened on June 11 when the guest, Jennifer Ashley, ordered the seemingly healthy food item and soon found the dangerous item underneath a bed of lettuce.

The razor blade had been used in the food prep area for a non-disclosed reason and accidentally fell into the salad when it was being prepared. The Burger King employee, who has not been identified, was terminated and the company went on full PR mode to dispel the incident as a one-off, and not company policy.

“‘While this was an unintentional isolated incident, BKC finds this matter of extreme importance and is working with the franchisee, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, to reinforce our food preparation procedures and retrain staff,’ Burger King said in a released statement.”

The discovery was first made public by Ashley’s sister-in-law, Jeta Cmaur, who left a message on the Arizona ABC Affiliate, ABC15‘s Facebook page.

“‘I think there should be an alert on this because someone could have been seriously hurt or even killed. I’m just so thankful that my family member wasn’t hurt,’ she said in the message.”

Burger King has stated that razor blades near the food prep areas are not allowed and the swift termination of the employee, as well as a reprimand to the Flagstaff franchisee, will hopefully ensure that something like this never happens again.

Luckily, Ashley, who was eating lunch with her husband, found the razor blade before trying to consume it, as the damage caused could have been severe. She has no plans to sue the fast food giant, and Burger King was quick to respond by compensating the guest with free food and a full refund of the deadly salad.

“‘It was actually in my salad,’ Ashley said. ‘There was a razor blade in there that I could have potentially put in my mouth and cut my mouth with.'”

Burger King was founded in 1957 in Miami, Florida and is the fifth largest fast food franchise in the United States. The company recently changed it’s long time slogan, “Have it Your Way,” to “Be Your Way” on May 20 of this year in hopes of reigniting customer’s taste buds to seek out flame broiled burgers and their “BK” line of fish and chicken sandwiches. Razor blades, however, will never be on the menu.

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