Is Rape Wrong? Creationist Asks World’s Dumbest Rhetorical Question In Attack On Evolution (Video)

There are some questions a person could ask that will make them look stupid. Then there are other questions that are just beyond the realm of having a brain. The following is one of those questions.

Creationist Derek Isaacs was recently featured on the Creation Today television show and asked whether rape was really wrong. Seriously, he asked that question.

Now let’s get some context to the is rape wrong question. Isaacs, as stated in the above paragraph, is a devout creationist and was trying to discuss why evolution is wrong. In questioning evolution, he may have made one of the dumbest statements ever on the topic of rape, according to the UK’s Metro.

“(He) explained that reading books on evolution by Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, took him to a ‘very, very dark place’ where he was forced to ask himself questions.

“‘If it’s all about the male propagating their DNA, then we had to ask hard questions like, ‘is rape wrong?’ he says.

“‘If we apply evolutionary thought to humanity, then basically the strongest male takes whoever he can to propagate the DNA.'”

Yeah, I’d say Isaacs was in a “very, very dark place” if he is asking whether rape is really wrong. I mean, seriously? Who asks questions like that?

Then again, this is the same Derek Isaacs who went on the same Creation Today show and instead of questioning the wrongness of rape, he said dragons must be real because the Bible said so. Seriously, he said that, as well.

Back to questioning the morality of rape for a second. … Isaacs apparently went on to tie this to marriage, for some reason, according to The Raw Story:

“He said marriage would be ‘anathema’ in an evolutionary worldview because it would limit sexual relations to one man and one woman for life.

‘According to the evolutionary worldview, [if] that male is strong enough and he had wonderful genes, he should propagate his DNA as much as possible so that the species can progress,’ Isaacs said. ‘So it redefines everything about our society.'”

The Raw Story also notes that Isaacs runs a website called Watchman 33, which it called an “end times blog.”

After watching Isaacs talk about whether or not rape is wrong, you have to wonder whether evolution is real since he’s still stuck in the stone ages or further.

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