Is Simpson Oil Really All They Claim It To Be?

We’ve all heard about this crazy new marijuana oil named after some guy named Rick Simpson that is supposed to beat the heck out of cancer, but how can we be sure that this isn’t just some snake oil hype like we’ve seen people jump on since fad drugs were invented? After all, we’ve gone through Fen Fen diets that were suppose to be great for us that were terrible, antidepressants that turned people suicidal, and GMO food that turned out to be poisonous. So how do we know that this oil Mr. Simpson created isn’t just another pile of garbage waiting to destroy our bodies?

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. See, a couple of decades ago I was victim of a head injury that devastated portions of my central nervous system, specifically where my muscles were concerned. Over time, because of the trouble with brain signals getting to the corresponding muscles, I began to stiffen up. Every muscle in my body became a tight cord and eventually I was bedridden by this, only able to move short distances with the aid of a walker or cane. I went from a healthy 180 pounds to a globular 309 and I felt terrible.

Just two years on medical marijuana and Simpson Oil gave me not only a pain free life, it helped to melt away the pounds that grew on me while I was bedridden.
Just two years on medical marijuana and Simpson Oil gave me not only a pain-free life, it helped to melt away the pounds that grew on me while I was bedridden.

None of the painkillers or muscle relaxers I had been given over the years worked, and I eventually turned to alcohol to ease my pain. A small pint turned into two or three full-sized bottles, and every morning I woke suffering from a horrible hangover. My friendship with my wife began to crumble apart as did my sanity. I truly hated life and wished it would all go away.

I was given a new physical therapist who worked with me for a couple of months. He was a middle-aged man with big credentials who came to the conclusion that there was nothing he could do to help me either. But he mentioned something that he thought would. Medical weed.

I laughed at him. As a kid I played thrash metal guitar, so I was around the stuff long enough to know it was great for a buzz and a little pain relief, the poor man’s aspirin so to speak, but I didn’t have much faith that the stuff I use to get buzzed off of would turn my situation around. But I talked to a pot doc and got my card and gave it a try.

It worked.

Within 3 weeks of smoking it I was up and on my feet. I was never able to play with my kids, but now I found myself jumping around with them and I heard their laughter and realized the therapist was onto something. I only did it after they went to school and at night when they were in bed…laws were still shady at that point and not many cared that you were considered legal, they still looked at you as a criminal. But man did the stuff work wonders.

It wasn’t a cure by any means, but it corrected the signals enough that I was mobile again. Within a year I had lost close to 100 pounds as well. I’m not sure whether it was my ability to be active again or something in the chemical components of the plant, but I began to feel like I had a purpose in life again. I started writing for at this point, the start of my journalistic career.

So what does this have to do with Simpson Oil?

You know how I said smoking the weed wasn’t a cure? That’s not the case with Simpson Oil. Not having cancer and satisfied with what I was getting from the buds, I never chose to step into things like that. But the caregiver I have encouraged me to try it. I was having pain in my joints where the stiff muscles were pulling tendons away from the bone and she told it I would feel more relief using the Simpson Oil over just smoking the plants. It was also safer around kids, with no stoney clouds hanging in the basement or the garage. Just a single needleless syringe with some dark amber goop in it.

I saw the positives and, as my luck would have it, I was able to watch the process of making the oil, so I went for it.

Making the oil isn’t difficult, but you have to be careful because there are dangers to it. Basically you use rubbing alcohol to draw out all the CBCs and CBDs from the plant, and then cook off the alcohol on a low heat. You get THC along with the other stuff, which is the compound in the plant that give you the happy feelings, but it is a rather low concentration with the rest of the stuff thrown in. It’s kind of like making those boxed hamburger dinners where you throw in the alfredo powder and wait for the water to boil off so it’s nice and pasty. (I know what I am having for dinner now, by the way. Mmmm!). When all the alcohol is cooked out you end up with a thick, amber-colored oil. End of process. I will note that this was done at a legal facility and not in a residential area. Even those that know what they are doing want to make sure if something goes wrong, no one else pays the price for it. Too bad that can’t be said about politicians, hey?

From reading Rick Simpson’s own page I knew I was to take about a quarter of a drop when I first started using it, but I made the mistake of holding a conversation with my wife instead of watching what I was doing and I put a nice, big glob of it on my Ritz cracker and chomped it down. For the first half an hour I really didn’t feel anything. I was a bit more relaxed perhaps, but nothing too noticeable. Then things started getting a little brighter and I could feel my heart starting to beat stronger. This didn’t bother me. I knew just from smoking it that it widened the blood vessels in the body allowing blood to flow more freely, meaning the heart had to kick it up a little to keep the flow moving. No big deal. This brought more oxygen to my brain, so things got a little brighter. I got an A in my college biology classes, so I have a good idea of what goes on in my body, and this was all within normal parameters.

Then the buzz hit. It kind of felt like I had poked my head into another reality. One where time moved really, really slowly. I wasn’t exactly hallucinating, I could see and interact with everything fine. It just looked…different. I didn’t want to move either. My body was heavy and droopy and it felt so good to lay on the floor and…

I woke up the next day feeling like I was 18 again. My head was completely back to normal, no residual effects other than everything feeling like it was up and working in peak performance again. My wife gave me a small massage and we noticed that the bands of muscles was loosening up and was noticeably smaller than they had been since we first got married. But it did more for me than just work on loosening me up. I felt good. Seriously good. I pondered on why I was just so happy and realized it was because I didn’t know what it was like to feel no stress. But this powerful oil wiped it away. I could feel it in my shoulders and back and in my head and even in my digestive system. I was completely calm even as the day unfolded before me. And I wasn’t high at all.

I continued with the treatment, making sure to use as directed this time, and found the right amount to give me the cumulative curing effects I was looking for without the time lost in catnip land, and found that I am better at making sound decisions and I interact with people far better than before I started using the Simpson Oil. I’m, also, oddly, more attentive than I was before. A side effect I assumed would be the opposite considering the buds I smoked did that occasionally to me. Other things I’ve noticed are healthier looking skin that is elasticising from my weight loss much faster than before I was on it and wider, stronger muscles that are turning from bands of pain to hunks of man-beef. Not bad for a guy who was obese and laying half-dead in his bed only 3 years earlier.

From personal experience I can tell you this about Simpson Oil that goes against what your doctors and pharmacists may be telling you. You don’t get high from it and get stuck there. If you take too much you may not be able to come down from it for a while, and you may need a good nap before you are back to normal, but nothing is permanent. This goes for my treatment as well. On the days I don’t have my drop of Simpson Oil, I can feel things slowly start to stiffen back up. But now it is more of a preventative medicine than it is for relief. And over the last year alone I’ve talked with many others who have been helped the same way I have. All sorts of different people. From your typical redneck gun-lover to a doctor who gets relief from a prescription he can’t write himself, I’ve met so many people face to face who have had their lives changed for the better by this stuff. Migraines end, seizures stop, cancers are cured. I find myself chuckling with these people, some of which are completely different in beliefs and ideals to me, because we all feel good. We all feel alive and energetic and capable of pushing back at life and making our mark on the world again.

Being a patient on Simpson Oil I can say that yes, this stuff is everything it is cracked up to be. If there is a God then this is one of his greatest gifts to us. If there isn’t, it is the one thing in the whole universe that is actually on our side. If you feel you might have a need for it, and your state allows it, try it. See what it can do for you. Just remember to take your caregiver’s dosage advice. You may not overdose on the stuff…ever…but you can wind up with a wilder night than you had expected.

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