Chris Christie Cuts A Rug In ‘Evolution Of Dad Dancing,’ His First Late-Night Appearance Since Bridge Scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been uncharacteristically quiet in the months since a scandal over possibly improper and punitive lane closures gripped his administration — but the outspoken GOP leader came out of hiding to do a bit called “The Evolution Of Dad Dancing” with late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

Back in December, Chris Christie was swept up in a brouhaha over whether closures on the George Washington Bridge (snarling traffic on the crossings for hours during peak periods) ordered by his administration were enacted to punish a lower-ranked official. Christie, who maintained that he had no knowledge of the closures but that they came as a result of a traffic study, eventually appeared at a lengthy press conference to fully address the allegations.

When all was said and done, two top-ranking aides on Christie’s team were forced out, and the Jersey governor stayed out of the spotlight for a few months.

However, in Chris Christie fashion, his comeback was both humor-filled and bold, and in addition to chatting with Fallon, the pair did the above performance of “Evolution Of Dad Dancing.”

Based on a classic viral video “Evolution Of Dance,” the politician and the star — clad in matching pleated khakis and powder blue polo shirts — do a funny rendition of dad dances.

During the interview, however, Christie didn’t back down when ribbed by Fallon… even about his oft-mocked weight problems. When Jimmy teased him about it, Christie jabbed back:

“You start off the interview with, ‘Oh, you look great. How much weight you’ve lost.’ And it shows what a putz you are that you go right to the weight jokes… Come on already.”

Fallon asked about whether Christie thought he could “beat Hillary,” inciting a round of presidential-run flirting, to which the governor said “hypothetically… absolutely.”

But as candidates tend to, he immediately invoked plausible deniability on any plans to run in 2016, dismissing his comment as regarding a “dance-off,” and quipping:

“That’s what I was talking about… What were you talking about?”

Over on Facebook, Fallon’s page posted the video:

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was a fan, and one Jersey resident replied:

“Chris Christie is NOT some lovable funny guy. He is the worst governor NJ has ever had. He has ruined the economy, he clearly couldn’t care less about the middle class, he’s killing off public education, he’s a bully and a liar. Nothing to laugh about.”

Others praised the governor’s good sense of humor:

“I loved this!!! He was a good sport. Most puts him down but NO ONE in politics can please everyone!!! Some complain & look at their lives, no better. Just what I think.”

Watch Chris Christie turn this mother out with Jimmy Fallon, above.