WWE Network Is The Reason For Roster Cuts, Not Likely Done Releasing Employees

For the WWE Universe, today is a sad day for eleven superstars. Earlier on The Inquisitr, we reported how WWE did their “spring cleaning” of talent they felt they no longer needed. On that list were some wrestlers who just started to put in more television time, especially Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal of 3MB. There were also some surprises including Theodore Long, who has been the general manager of WWE Smackdown! as well as a manager for other WWE talent including Rodney Mack and Mark Henry. All together, there were eleven people cut from their jobs, one being a referee. Unfortunately, the reason for the roster cuts may be because of the WWE Network. And one more piece of unfortunate news: WWE may not be done cutting people.

According to a report by Cageside Seats, the company is blaming today’s roster cuts on the continued lack of success of the WWE Network. Things are so bad that administrative cuts in every department is expected imminently, too. Prior to the cuts, WWE has been very good on keeping their roster up until contracts expired. Most of the time, the “cuts” people would read about from the WWE were of that nature. True, there are offenses worthy of termination, but they are rare these days.

Such niceties cannot continue in the wake of the WWE Network being a failure due to its unfulfilled promises. Even we here at The Inquisitr reviewed it, and pretty much said that the benefit lacks compared to the flaws. Just this year, the company is expected to lose a whopping $45 to 52 million. Understanding economics, it makes sense for the roster cuts since excessive or unnecessary spending is no longer a luxury the WWE can afford. Maybe that is why JTG (who has been the blunt of every roster cut for the past seven years) has been let go just after the ten we reported here.

The failure of the WWE Network, plus other factors such as the disappointing new television contract WWE has with NBC Universal, numerous loud complaints from WWE investors who felt they were conned into investing into the WWE Network, and the poor sales from the last quarter, all play a major part. These issues can’t simply be rectified by cutting eleven superstars, right? Well, corporate seems to think so because cuts are also scheduled for the corporate executive side as well.

Cageside Seats is not the only website to think the releases are done too. In another article by Wrestlezone, Jim Ross noted in his blog that he doesn’t believe the releases are over yet. Dave Scherer of PWInsider had this to say in his report about the cuts:

“There is a lot of talk that the cuts/releases are not done and that there will be cuts on the administrative side of the company as well, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Potential cuts loom across pretty much all departments.”

This is truly a said time for wrestling fans and the WWE. Friday may mark another day of bad news from a company that has dominated sports entertainment for the last decade. Let’s just hope this mistake is something Mr. McMahon can learn from. It is always sad to hear about anyone losing their job, especially in this economy, and even worse if it’s their passion.

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