Man Arrested For Stealing 600 School Girl Gym Uniforms: ‘I Did It To Wear Them’

A 53-year-old man living in Mihama, Japan has been arrested after he allegedly stole nearly 600 school girl gym uniforms. The man, Koichi Hirose, was a staff member at Wakayama National College of Technology, according to Sankei Sports. The uniforms that Hirose nabbed were cheerleading and volleyball uniforms intended to be used by high school girls.

Koichi reportedly told the Gifu Prefecture Police, “I did it to wear them.”

The man allegedly took the gym uniforms from 50 different schools. Officers from the Minami Police Station found the gym uniforms after they searched Koichi Hirose’s home in Mihama, Wakayama Prefecture. Hirose told officers, “I started stealing them in the summer of last last year.”

Yahoo! News readers are having a field day with the bizarre theft. The comments alone are worth the read. One Yahoo! News user wrote, “Wear them? — Sheesh, I don’t even own 600 sets of clothing in my entire life so far!”

Another Yahoo! News user wrote, “So many good one liners….so little time…..”

In the man’s defense, if the uniforms sported during the World Cup are an indicator, Japan has great athletic uniforms:

Inquisitr has reported on other odd thefts in the past. Recently, Rahul Srinivas wrote about a couple who used a stolen car to drive to their scheduled court appearance. Inquisitr writer Jennifer Deutschmann reported on the arrest of a Colorado man who was accused of stealing over 15 thousand dollars worth of beer. One of the most bizarre theft stories covered by Inquisitr rivals the stolen gym uniforms theft: Three men were arrested and charged with stealing a 600 pound, purple chicken statue from a yard in Florida.

The original article which broke the news about the man who was arrested for stealing 600 uniforms intended for school girls is written in Japanese on Sankei Sports.

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