Stevie Nicks, Adam Levine Perform Surprise Hollywood Bowl Duet

When Stevie Nicks appeared on The Voice to duet with winner Javier Colon, mentor/coach Adam Levine commented that he would “die to sing with her,” leaving no doubts about his admiration for the legendary Fleetwood Mac singer.

It looks like Levine’s dream finally came true as Nicks was brought out as a special guest during last night’s Maroon 5 show at the Hollywood Bowl.

“This is one of those moments where you don’t actually realize what you’re doing until you do it,” Levine said before bringing Nicks on stage. “What I’d like to do is sing this next song with one of my favorite artists of all-time, and I’m sure one of yours too, God do I love this woman.”

In a pair of sunglasses and a black ensemble, Nicks took the stage and confidently belted her opening section of “Leather and Lace” to the screams of the thousands in attendance.

The performance ended with a “star-struck” Levine on his knees, bowing to his idol.

Watch Nicks and Levine rock the Hollywood Bowl with their amazing Leather and Lace duet below: