Shazam! Dates For Justice League, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, More Movie Dates Released

Justice League and DC Universe fans, rejoice! According to a recent report in Batman News, Warner and DC have recently released enough superhero movies to keep the Legion of Doom – or whatever group of baddies the intrepid superheroes will square off against – busy for a long time. The report includes releases for Shazam, The Justice League, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the lesser-known Sandman.

The report tells us a few things we already knew. Most DC fans already know that Batman vs. Superman is due out on May 2016. Most were also aware that a Justice League movie was slated – or at least rumored – for May 2017. According to the report, the latter date has been confirmed. Other dates rumored include a July 2016 release of a Shazam movie (rumored to include The Rock, Dwayne Johnson in the title role), a Christmas 2016 release date for a Sandman movie, a July 2017 release date for the much-anticipated Wonder Woman movie, which will feature Israeli beauty Gal Gadot, and a Flash-Green Lantern team-up for Christmas 2017. Capping it all off is Man of Steel 2 in 2018.

All we’re lacking are release dates for Aquaman and Apache Chief. The latter will never happen in today’s politically correct environment and the former will never happen because….well, maybe Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory says it best:

[Video via YouTube]

Never fear, Aquaman fans (both of you), even though he isn’t likely to get his own movie, DC Universe’s resident underwater specialist is rumored to make an appearance in Justice League. Of course, like the vast majority of his appearances in Superfriends, Jusitce League Unlimited and every other iteration of the DC Universe, his role will probably be minor, because…yeah, what Kootrappali said.

Another thing that DC fans can rejoice over is the fact that Green Lantern will not be played by Ryan Reynolds. The last Green Lantern movie, while dazzling us with incredible special effects, was a bit of a dud. In case you missed it or are one of the ones who disagree (either of you), here are the boys from Big Bang Theory again to explain it:

Let’s face it, Sheldon said it better than I could have. Hopefully the next Green Lantern movie will be better. It can’t help being improved by the presence of Flash, one of the most overlooked heroes in the DC Universe.

So, which of the DC Universe movies are you most excited about? Are you dying to see Shazam? Can’t wait for Man of Steel 2? Stoked for Wonder Woman or the Green Lantern-Flash team up? Or, like many of us, are you excited at the concept of finally seeing them all – and possibly many which haven’t been named – in a long overdue live action Justice League movie?