Bad Day? Watch This Puppy Play With A Door Stopper, You’re Welcome

The puppy and door stopper video you’re about to see is the cure for any bad day.

This little guy’s name is Carlos, and he was about 15 weeks old at the time this YouTube video was posted in April 2013.

As is the nature of the web, it can sometimes take a while for something to break loose and run free in the viral halls of social media.

This week, Carlos’ antics finally did, and it has the whole world wanting more, in part because the video itself is just 54 seconds in length.

Like many of the commenters, we could have watched this for hours. So cute is it, in fact, that many were downright angry at YouTube user CARLOS B for cutting the video off when he did.

“oh my…so cute..too bad the video was a bit short though..I kinda love watching him playing”

“I could watch this all day long.”

“Which idiot decided to only record this for 54 seconds?”

Brittany High of the website Incredible Things couldn’t hardly contain herself over the puppy door stopper video. “This is a video that SHOULD be titled Cute French Bulldog Puppy Playing With A Door Stopper Oh My God I Am Dead Now or something along those lines.”

Thus far, the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times with much of it coming over the last week.

Perhaps what we like the best about little Carlos is his unflinching resolve at this strange and unpredictable new toy.

He doesn’t know what to think about it, and from the very beginning of the video, he’s clearly a little concerned over it, but that doesn’t stop him from coming back for more.

He pushes through that fear and uncertainty to arrive at discovery. We suppose there’s a lesson in that somewhere.

Now a word of warning: this is the cutest thing you’ll see today, but don’t take our word for it. Watch for yourself:

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(Aren’t we all?)

So, readers, do you think Carlos the puppy and his door stopper are the cutest things ever, or are you one of the 61 jack knobs who actually had the nerve to thumbs-down this video on YouTube?

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