Amazing Video Of A Bee In Spider’s Web Proves That Selfless Heroism Exists Even In The Insect World

A dad in Great Britain saw an opportunity to teach his son “sort of a brutal life lesson.” Instead, the video he captured on his cell phone turned into a lesson in selfless heroism — and in always being there for your buddies, no matter what the risk.

Here’s what happened. His son was asleep when the dad spotted an unusual sight in the window of his home. A bumble bee was trapped in a spider’s web, and the spider — slowly, menacingly, like a creature from a horror movie — advances on the helpless bee, as the poor bee struggles to break free.

But of course, the spider’s web is like a steel trap to the bee. No matter how hard it fights, tehre’s no way out. The spider is right on top of him. The bee looks like a sure goner. He’s about to be spider lunch.

And then, all of a sudden —

Well, just watch this video, above. You’ll be in awe of the heroism and pure, unadulterated badassery of the second bee that dives into the spider’s web with only one thought.

Is this just some bizarre coincidence? After all, do bees really care about other bees — or anything?

In fact, they do. Altruistic behavior has been shown to exist in social insects such as bumble bees. This may be because all male worker bees in a single colony share the exact same genes — in effect, they are all not only brothers, but identical twins.

So assuming the two bees in this video are dudes, you see why they have a natural instinct to have each other’s back.

Or maybe not. Whether genetic similarity necessarily leads to altruism is a subject of debate. But maybe caring about one another is just the way of nature for some species, particularly social ones?

Either way, watch this amazing video — which also features pretty amazing narration; this dad may have a future in voice over work — and make up your own mind.

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