Kim Jong-Un Attacks The Weather Service And The Reason Why Is Hysterical

Little Kim Jong-Un is renowned globally as the egoist’s egoist. Yet is little Kim so inflated with self-importance that he believes he can control the weather?

Apparently so. Known as something of a natural disaster himself, little Kim is feared and loathed in equal measure for his stormy disposition and comical appearance.

Yet little Kim is no harmless burger eating buffoon, the man is in charge of a powerful and prosperous nation, or at least that’s what North Korea’s motto translates as.

As such, when little Kim has a hissy fit we should take the diminutive tyke serious. After all, the little scrapper is top dog in a country which boasts the fourth largest army in the world.

The North Korean weather service certainly weren’t about to treat little Kim like a stroppy toddler in need of a strict talking to when he had a thunderous temper tantrum and attacked the meek meteorologists for not being able to predict the weather properly.

Or to put it in Kim-speak – control the weather!

On a recent visit to the Hydro-meteorological Service, little Kim gave a very public dressing down, as the leader of North Korea got all elemental and stormed into his country’s weather service for ‘incorrect forecasts.’

Like a mighty midget on a steroid booster pack, little Kim rebuked the weather forecasters of his reclusive nation for the appliance of the science they used in their observations.

With all the mouth-frothing, eye-bulging, and artery busting rage of Napoleonic types everywhere, little Kim demanded that the agency “fundamentally” improved its work and equipment before snarling:

“There are many incorrect forecasts as the meteorological observation has not been put on a modern and scientific basis. Accurate forecasts are needed to protect the lives and properties of people from disasters caused by abnormal climatic phenomenon.”

In a country which regularly suffers from natural disasters, you’d think little Kim would kind of realise that “abnormal climatic phenomenon” is exactly that – you don’t see it coming, let alone get the chance to predict it, but perhaps like Thor, little Kim believes he can control the elements.

In his great wisdom, little Kim then went on to give ‘field guidance’ to the meteorologists, to help them improve their game.

It’s not known if little Kim taught his meek meteorologists the time-honored technique of sitting on a throne on the beach and commanding the waves to recede, but no doubt the dear leader has more than a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to besting mother nature.

During the Kim dynasty, North Korea has been heavily hit by floods and droughts, but worst of all chronic mismanagement.

Little Kim and his cronies have millions in the bank and spend millions more on militarization, meanwhile their are regular chronic food shortages and people starve to death.

Unlike the weather, this is something little Kim Jong-Un could easily control.

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