Jahi McMath To Receive Honorary 8th Grade Diploma

Jahi McMath, the brain-dead 8th grader who was the center of an emotional debate following a tense battle between family members and the hospital where she suffered severe post-surgical complications, will receive an honorary diploma from her school.

Back in December, Jahi McMath’s case became national news. After routine tonsil surgery, complications caused the young girl to begin bleeding profusely.

And while doctors attempted to reverse the damage, McMath was declared brain-dead following the trauma. The hospital then wished to remove Jahi from life support, a decision her family strongly opposed.

A tense few weeks followed, with court interventions and ultimately, a last-minute flight from the hospital with McMath to an undisclosed location. Jahi has remained on life-support ever since, and now, her family says she will receive a diploma from her charter school.

On June 10, Jahi McMath’s family posted to a Facebook page dedicated to the teen urging supporters to call her school and fight for the recognition.

The plea began:

“Thank you for all your support and prayers for Jahi. As Jahi fights to recover, the school year is coming to an end, and her fellow students are preparing to graduate. Jahi has been a student at E.C Reems Academy of Technology and Arts Oakland California, from kindergarten to 8th grade.”

It continues:

“Jahi should be graduating from the 8th grade this month but it may not be possible for her to make it to the ceremony, as she is fighting to recover. Please take a minute of your time to call the school and let them know we want them to acknowledge Jahi McMath at the 8th grade graduation ceremony, she deserves to receive the graduation certificate as she has completed most of the 8th grade work.”

The post concludes:

“Thank you for all your kindness, prayers and support for Jahi, and thank you for taking your time to call the school. God bless you all.”

Last night, the page was updated to reflect that the campaign was successful, and that Jahi will receive the diploma:

[fb link=”https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=225226054353021&set=a.167241473484813.1073741828.166781143530846&type=1″][/fb]

Earlier this year, McMath’s mother said she refuses to consider the possibility her daughter won’t recover:

“I don’t use the word ‘brain dead’ for my daughter. I’m just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery… She is blossoming into a teenager before my eyes.”

According to the teen’s uncle, the school was reluctant to acknowledge Jahi McMath due to unspecified complaints allegedly received regarding the attention given her previously. However, the issue appears to have been resolved.

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