Britney Spears and Christina Aquilera Used as Code Names in Cocaine Bust

What do pop stars Britney Spears and Christina Aquilera have to do with a huge drug ring bust? Apparently a lot, as the two blonde singers were used as code names for cocaine! New York police had conducted a ten month investigation into a massive drug ring that distributed their products through New York and New Jersey. 25 dealers were charged with over 340 counts of drug trafficking of narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy.

The giveaway? After authorities wiretapped the dealer’s phones, police figured out the dealers were speaking in code, referring to crack cocaine as “Britney” and powdered cocaine as “Christina Aquilera.” (There’s no reason given on why Christina’s full name was used.) The two singers were a part of an extensive code tat the dealers had used to obscure their activities from police surveillance.

The dealers indicted were also charged with selling drugs around children; NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said one dealer had a “house full of cocaine in which his daughters resided.” “The extensive use of code words suggests the extent defendants went to in an effort to obscure their alleged criminal activities,” Schneiderman added.

Britney’s name is not only being thrown around by drug lords, but by Brit’s own publicist as well! Adam Leber confirmed in an interview with Medium that the pop diva is in fact lip syncing during her Planet Hollywood Vegas shows. “To put on the show that she puts on, it’s virtually impossible to sing the entire time and do what she does,” Leber admits. “She’s singing on every song, basically, when she has the ability to sing. There’s no way you can dance for 90 minutes straight and sing the entire time.”

This admission is a far cry from Leber’s original statement, made back in 2013 before Brit’s Planet Hollywood debut: “Britney Spears will be singing live during her show (and) she will not be ‘lip-synching,” Leber had said at the time. However, numerous complaints by attendees on the frustratingly obvious lip-syncing have led to Leber admitting the truth. Looks like Britney’s name is helping uncover the truth in more ways than one!

Image via Fuse