Woman Accused Of Making Repeated False Rape Allegations

Charges have been reinstated against Christina Nadine Nelson, a 23 year old Montana woman accused of making multiple false allegations of rape between 2009 and 2012, MailOnline reports.

Oddly, the charges were first filed against Nelson in 2012, before being thrown out by Judge G. Todd Baugh in a decision that was overruled this week by the Montana Supreme Court. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Baugh made national headlines last year when he sentenced a convicted rapist to just 30 days in jail.

Nelson, who was born in Germany before moving to Montana, first alleged that she was raped in 2009. A student at Columbia Falls High School at the time, she claimed that her prom date raped her, also cutting her with a knife. Police investigated, but found that she had suffered no cuts the night of her prom, remaining at the dance for the entire length of the event. As Opposing Views reports, Nelson wanted to drop the charges a month later, even though her alleged rapist had already been expelled from the school and moved out of the state, his reputation destroyed by the allegations.

Nelson next alleged she was raped in 2012, claiming that an ex-boyfriend had assaulted her in the parking lot of her workplace. Following the supposed assault, Nelson reportedly went to a bar to get drinks with a friend, and then only mentioned the alleged rape to her husband after the two had intercourse later that night. Police once again investigated but found no evidence to substantiate Nelson’s claims. To the contrary, surveillance footage from the parking lot shows Nelson walking to her car and driving away, unhindered. Further investigation led detectives to conclude that Nelson’s ex-boyfriend was out of town on the night she accused him of raping her.

Along with the allegations, records show that five medical rape exams were performed on Nelson between 2009 and 2012. In court documents, Prosecutors state that “Christina had a motive or pattern of accusing young men that she had dated of raping her and assaulting her when no such rape or assault had occurred.” While the Montana Supreme Court has ruled that there is enough evidence in the case to warrant a reinstatement of the charges against Nelson, her whereabouts are unclear. Allowed to travel out of state after Judge Baugh dropped the charges, it is feared that she may have fled to Germany rather than face authorities over the false rape allegations.

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