Teen Falls Off Cliff In Alaska While Talking To Mom On Cell Phone

A teen fell off a cliff in Alaska while talking to her mother on the phone. While hiking along a mountain a Washington, teenager was telling her mom how nervous she was on the slippery terrain on Fox Creek just seconds before she fell 30 feet from a cliff.

Cherelle LaGrou, 18, screamed as she fell. All her extremely worried mother heard was silence on the other end of the phone. Shelly LaGrou, the mother of the teen who fell off the cliff in Alaska, frantically waited what must have seemed like an eternity until she finally heard her daughter’s voice again. The elder LaGrou was 1,500 miles away at the family home in Omak, Washington. At her mother’s behest, Cherelle had just switched her phone to its hands-free option shortly before the fall.

During an interview with The Associated Press, Shelly LaGrou said, “I’m still living it,” when asked about the cliff fall and being able to do nothing to help her teen daughter. Cherelle LaGrou, who is spending the summer working in Alaska, had slipped down the slippery mountain slop and could not climb back up. While stuck and unable to climb to the top she was reportedly crying and hysterical, telling her mother that she was not ready to die.

Shelly LaGrou did her best to keep her teen daughter calm after she fell off the cliff in Alaska. During that time her husband called Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, Cherelle’s employer. The lodge staffers immediately called the Alaska State Troopers to set the search and rescue mission in motion.

After what many have deemed a dramatic search of the Denali National Park for about 45 minutes, Cherelle LaGrou was found. Ironically, a camera crew from the National Geographic Channel in the area to film their Alaska State Troopers reality show captured the rescue on film. The footage from the fall from the cliff in Alaska is expected to air this fall.

Before she was rescued Cherelle said she fully believed that she was “staring death in the face” and thought about all the things she would miss in her life. Fortunately, the Washington teen sustained only minor injuries. “It feels like it was something out of a movie. It was all just so unreal that it was actually happening.” Cherelle LaGrou laughed when reminded that in a way, the fall and rescue were basically something out of a movie, referencing the NatGeo coverage of the incident.

The teen who fell from a cliff and her mother prayed that the angels would help hold her against the mountain in Alaska as she grew tired of holding on. State troopers and rescuers arrived just before the teen’s phone went dead. Her parents were unaware that she had been secured by a rope and pulled to safety until shortly after the miraculous rescue.

[Image Via: National Park Service]

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