12-Year-Old Brings Grenade To Show And Tell, Mom Arrested

A 12-year-old boy Connecticut boy is accused of bringing a grenade to school for show and tell. His mother, Lisa Marie Miguel, thought the World War II simulated hand grenade was a “dud.” However, authorities determined the weapon is still capable of detonation. Following an investigation, Miguel was arrested and charged with numerous crimes, including risk of injury to a minor.

Miguel said her son and his classmates were studying WWII. As the grenade was recovered during the war, the mother thought it would be an interesting visual aid. Miguel had no idea the grenade was dangerous.

When the 12-year-old brought the grenade into Johnson Academy, his teacher was stunned. The teacher immediately confiscated the weapon and placed it in the school’s courtyard.

School officials declared a lockdown and contacted authorities. The grenade was inspected by the Connecticut Bomb Squad, who concluded it was still capable of detonation. If the grenade had exploded, it could have caused widespread damage within a 20 foot radius.

Stratford police Captain Paul DosSantos confirmed “the students were encouraged” to bring in “World War II memorabilia from any family members.” However, the teacher reminded the students to only bring “safe items.”

As reported by WTNH News, Miguel admits she allowed her son to take the grenade to show and tell. However, she honestly believed it was safe. Although she was apologetic, the mother was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, illegal possession of an explosive, and risk of injury to a minor.

Miguel said the grenade was a gift from her late father, who fought in WWII. When he gave her the weapon, he told her it was a “dud.” Captain DosSantos said the Miguel should have surrendered the grenade to authorities:

“She should have contacted the Police Department or a military service to identify what the item was and if, in fact, it was a dud… It is technically property of the military, and civilians should not possess such an item.”

As reported by CBS News, parents were concerned about the grenade and the lockdown. However, Miguel clearly did not intend to cause any harm. Kyle Sikinawaki’s child is in the third grade at Johnson Academy. While he believes the mother’s arrest was harsh, he admits the situation was frightening:

“We always certainly don’t want to see any of our parents get arrested here… It’s a great community, but at the same time, it was a pretty dangerous situation.”

Miguel was released from jail pending her June 17 pretrial. She has apologized profusely for allowing her son to take a grenade to show and tell.

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