Justin Timberlake Is The Guy Women Fantasize About The Most

Justin Timberlake is the male celebrity women fantasize about the most.

Before you get upset about that declaration, it’s worth noting that this information was reportedly obtained during a recent poll put together by the boys and girls at Star magazine. If you wholeheartedly disagree with Timberlake’s placement on the list, then you probably didn’t participate in the recent survey. You only have yourself to blame.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Justin topped the list of steamy female fantasies, beating out a handful of hunky Hollywood A-lists who also have a tendency to make the opposite sex swoon. Although Timberlake found his name at the top of the aforementioned pile, it was reportedly a very close race.

Brad Pitt came in second to Justin Timberlake, the latter of whom amassed 21 percent of the votes. However, the World War Z star was only 2 percent behind the singer. These gentlemen had some stiff competition from musician and award-winning actor Jared Leto, who fell short of the top spot by only three percent. So close, but yet so far.

According to the Chron, Timberlake and his fellow heartthrobs were also joined by Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman, and Sherlock alum Benedict Cumberbatch. This writer knows a few people who would probably contest Cumberbatch’s placement on the list. In their minds, the Star Trek Into Darkness star’s face is the stuff of legend.

Of course, Justin Timberlake’s appearance in countless fantasies isn’t the only reason the singer is making headlines these days. The Inquisitr previously reported that Timberlake’s grandmother recently shot down rumors that he and Jessica Biel are expecting their first child. In short: It’s not happening yet, so stop spreading rumors.

Here’s what Justin’s grammy told Star magazine:

“They will have a child when the good Lord says they should. Justin has wanted to have children all his life. If it were up to him, they’d have a baby tomorrow… [Biel] is okay with everything happening when it’s meant to be.”

Timberlake’s grandmother also told the Sun that the couple’s busy schedule is essentially getting in the way of their desire to start a family. Rest easy, fans: As soon as Biel is officially pregnant, chances are every news outlet in the free world will report on it. That’s pretty much a given at this point.

Are you surprised that Justin Timberlake is frequently the star of several untold female fantasies? Who do you think should have topped the Star magazine list?

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