Is That Sanitary? Sexting Doctor’s Medical License Suspended After Sending Nude Selfies Taken During Surgery

A sexting Washington State doctor has had his medical license suspended after he literally got caught with his pants down and cell phone camera out during surgery.

According to KOMO-TV, anesthesiologist Arthur Zilberstein apparently has a thing for taking photos of his junk during surgery.

“According to the Washington State Department of Health, anesthesiologist Arthur Zilberstein ‘compromised patient safety due to his preoccupation with sexual matters while he was on hospital duty between at least April and August 2013,'” KOMO reported. “The state Medical Quality Assurance Commission says Zilberstein repeatedly sent sexually explicit text messages during surgeries in which he was the responsible anesthesiologist. During one August 6 surgery, Zilberstein exchanged 45 sexually-related messages, according to the commission.”

While creepy and wholly unacceptable, Zilberstein’s surgery sexting antics did not stop at just taking photos of himself. Mediaite reports that the anesthesiologist “is also accused of using images of patients for sexual purposes, engaging in intercourse at the hospital, prescribing Oxycodone without evaluations, making racist remarks, and some other stuff.”

A commission said Zilberstein would use the images for “sexual gratification,” and also got in some action with patients while at work between sexting other patients and violating the privacy of others.

The hospital where Zilberstein allegedly committed the actions released a statement to KOMO, saying that the safety of its patients was its top priority, though it didn’t mention whether the privacy of patients or their ability to be kept away from sexting doctors was a top priority.

“The safety of our patients is our number one priority,” the statement from Swedish Medical Center said. “Once we learned that the State had suspended this physician’s medical license, the physician’s Medical Staff membership and privileges were immediately suspended. We just recently learned of these allegations and are conducting our own internal review of the physician, who is not directly employed by Swedish.”

Reached for comment about his alleged sexting, Zilberstein told KOMO from his Seattle home that he was not able to discuss the sexting allegations, or the allegations of “examining” a patient while on the job.

“I can’t really talk right now. I appreciate you guys. I understand you want to hear.”

It apparently isn’t just sexting doctors having sex with their patients, but apparently judges have “banged the gavel” with litigants in their chambers, as well, according to a 2013 report by The Inquisitr. According to the report, Judge Wade McCree admitted to having a relationship with a woman whose child support case was being heard on his docket.

Oh, and he was married, so there’s that.

So just how creeped out would you be if you found out that someone tasked with keeping you alive during surgery was taking photos of their junk just feet from where you lay? Or worse, was using photos of you to get off?

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