Kelly Rowland Drops New Album, Denies Destiny’s Child Reunion Rumors

Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland has released her latest album Here I Am today and revealed that she will always be an R&B artist, despite experimenting with some dance tracks on the new project.

The new album, Kelly’s third solo album and first since dropping Ms. Kelly in 2007, can best be described as “raunchy,” as nearly all of its 10 tracks focus exclusively on the singer’s all-consuming sexual needs.

Although the majority of the album is comprised of Rowland sticking to her R&B roots, there are a couple of club-centric songs that she infuses towards the end of Here I Am, making one wonder if the 30-year-old ‘X Factor’ judge is leaning towards that style of music for future projects.

“I think that R&B, of course, is where I’m deeply rooted, period,” Kelly told MTV upon questioning the new tracks. “I’ll never go anywhere. I just happened to try something out [dance], and it worked, and that’s just the part of it. And I think that’s what I admire about artists like Chris Brown and Rihanna, who don’t mind putting it all on their album.”

In addition to promoting Here I Am, Rowland also recently shot down rumors of aDestiny’s Child reunion, insisting that, despite the fact that she, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams are still close friends, they have not discussed making a new group record.

“To be honest with you – myself, Michelle and B – we haven’t talked about it. It has not come up in our conversations,” she told Billboard. “We talk about everything else… But we haven’t talked about that yet.”

via Contact Music