Nathan Byrd Arrested On Suspicion Of Raping 9-Month-Old Baby

Nathan Byrd, a 27-year-old Oklahoma man, has been arrested by the Muldrow Police Department on suspicion of child rape. The reported victim: a 9-month-old baby girl.

The charges were initially reported on the police department’s Facebook page. From the actual post:

On June 5, 2014, we were notified by Summitt Medical in Van Buren [Arkansas] of a physical/sexual abuse that had occurred in Muldrow. Officer Robert Allen responded, took the report, and then went to 105 NW 3rd #B to contact the father, Nathan Byrd (27). Preliminary examinations were completed by Hamilton House, statements taken, and Byrd was arrested for Rape-First Degree.

On June 6, a complete examination was conducted on the child. The findings revealed a broken arm from approximately two weeks earlier and a skull fracture.

“She was transported to Children’s Hospital,” the post stated. “There are still interviews and investigations ongoing and possibly additional charges and arrests. On a positive note, the female child is being released today from Children’s Hospital.”

The story was first picked up by 5NEWSOnline, a news channel out of neighboring Fort Smith, Arkansas. Understandably, the area is livid.

Some commenters want the death penalty for Nathan Byrd in spite of the fact the child is still alive, and such punishment is usually reserved for homicide cases.

One commenter states: “You are a sick person how can you do this kind of thing especially to your own daughter. You deserve big punishment”

Another: “Dirt nap!”

A third: “There is no punishment harsh enough.”

However, not everyone is buying the story. In fact, some who worked with or knew Byrd personally are going to bat for him.

“I worked with this guy once upon a time as a bouncer,” said one person. “I find it hard to believe he would do something like this.” Yet another said that he found it “hard to believe,” adding: “I know the man. He was a hard worker and an all around good guy. Let’s remember it’s innocent until proven guilty.” And finally: “How can you stupid people judge him. The cops picked up somebody that was related to the girl. Where the heck is the mother and her boyfriend. Probably kicking back doing meth and looking a porn. The media just loves to twist things.”

We’ve covered some pretty vile cases of child rape before, and don’t usually see a half-and-half split in support for the accused. In the Nathan Byrd case, however, it’s fifty-fifty.

One thing that isn’t disputed, however, is that a 9-month-old baby girl was raped by someone. What do you think should happen to the responsible party?

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