Man Killed Outside Of Mob Wives’ Staten Island Hot Spot ‘The Drunken Monkey’

The Mob Wives’ very own bar, The Drunken Monkey, is getting the kind of press it never thought it would receive. The Staten Island hot spot, which is known for being featured on the VH1 show Mob Wives, is at the center of controversy after a man was killed outside of owner Big Ang’s bar.

At the time Abdoul Cisse, 47, was desperately trying to break up a fight when he was punched in front of the Mob Wives hot spot. Cisse fell back and cracked his head on the sidewalk, which resulted in his death.

According to Mob Wives star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, the deceased customer was known to all as a “gentle giant.” The incident took place in Staten Island right out front of The Drunken Monkey on Forest Ave around 3: 40 am.

Police officials said that they are still looking for two men who may have caused Abdoul Cisse’s death.

Speaking publicly about Cisse’s death, the Mob Wives star took to Twitter to express her sorrow for his death that occurred in front of her bar.

“He was not just a customer, but a gentle giant that I loved,” she posted on Twitter. “I personally share my heartfelt condolences to his loved ones, and we too are feeling this loss in our drunken monkey family.”

Before being known for Cisse’s death, The Drunken Money was often featured on the VH1 show, and because of that, was a huge hang out spot. Big Ang is known for being present at the bar on most nights, but when the death happened, she wasn’t at the bar. Instead, she was filming in Brooklyn for the upcoming season of Mob Wives. According to Raiola’s publicist, the hit VH1 show is currently filming its fifth season.

The New York Daily News spoke with Bartender Diana Marino, who spent the majority of her morning cleaning the blood off from the property, “I was upset when I realized it was him. He was a beautiful man. He was embraced in here.”

Not everyone has fond memories of The Drunken Monkey or its local customers. One neighbor told the outlet that the bar was noisy.

Stan Kural said of the ruckus, “Sometimes you hear the people and the fights. It’s very loud.”

Although no arrests have been made, police are investigating the killing, which took place right before the bar closed on Sunday.

Big Ang isn’t a stranger to the law, either. Back in 2001, the TV personality plead guilty to selling cocaine and was under house arrest for four months. In 2007, she opened The Drunken Monkey, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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