Great White Devoured: Did Megalodon Devour A 9-Foot Great White In Australia?

A great white was devoured by another creature — likely a much larger creature — in Australian waters, and now researchers are trying to find out what said creature was. According to CNN, the 9-foot long shark had a tracking device on it that was found washed up on a beach. The information that was on that device showed something very interesting.

“It showed that it had suddenly undergone a rapid increase in temperature and a swift 1,900-foot (580-meter) dive beneath the waves. Scientists attribute the more than 30-degree spike in temperature to the shark entering another animal’s digestive system, and the unexpected plunge could be explained by the larger animal’s rapid descent.”

Great whites are very large mammals, and there aren’t too many other “fish in the sea” that can take one out. Theories about what might have been able to devour a shark of that size have already surfaced, some wondering if the legendary Megalodon was the culprit.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Megalodon is a 67-foot shark that is believed to be extinct. However, no one has been able to prove that the shark actually existed or that it has since gone extinct. If this sea beast is still alive today, it is possible that it could have devoured a great white shark with ease.

There is a documentary called Hunt for the Super Predator which chronicles the research being done to find out what exactly happened to this great white shark (it will air on The Smithsonian Channel on June 25). Filmmaker Dave Riggs said:

“When I was first told about the data that came back from the tag that was on the shark, I was absolutely blown away. The question that not only came to my mind but everyone’s mind who was involved was, ‘What did that?’ It was obviously eaten. What’s going to eat a shark that big? What could kill a 3-meter (9-foot) great white?” comes up with a few other guesses: “Giant squid? Underwater Sharknado? Godzilla? Megalodon?” But there haven’t been any definitive answers just yet. Perhaps more believable theories include a larger great white or even an orca whale. While it might be easy for most people to brush this off, scientists are determined to find some answers. What do you think devoured the great white shark? Do you think Megalodon exists?

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