‘Deucing’ Is The New Planking, Even More Disturbing Than Owling

What could be better than faking a poop? Faking it while reading a newspaper in public. What could be better than that? Performing the task at places where you probably shouldn’t be hanging out. Known as “Deucing” the idea was cooked up by a bored DJ at 105.7 XRocks and some of his interns in Peoria, IL.

DJ Ryan Black introduced the new game to me in a disturbing blog post filled with pictures of himself and what I can only assume were forced X Interns (he just called them Interns and conveniently leaves out the “forced” part).

Here’s what Ryan says of Deucing:

Deucing is a very simple concept. Take a picture of yourself taking a dump at important/busy areas around your city. Don’t really take a dump though (unless you want to get arrested). But DOOOO make sure to make the craziest face possible. Just imagine a rock hard, 4 foot wide turd trying to exit your body. Painful. So make sure you put on your best “Push” face!

I want to propose one more way to make the game even more fun, users should get more “street cred” based off the headlines on the papers they are reading.

If you take pictures of the “act” be sure to email pictures of yourself ‘Deucing’ to ryan@1057thexrocks.com. I’m not sure if he posted his email address because he just really likes Deucing or because he just loves to watch people take fake poops.

In the meantime here’s a few more pictures of “Deucing” and be sure to let us know what you think of the new game.

Deucing - Ryan Black XRocks

Remember Deucing can also be a “Partner Sport.”

Deucing Partners