Active Shooter Reported At Reynolds High School [Update, One Dead]

Reports of an active shooter at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon (near Portland) have been confirmed — and the Multnomah County Sheriff indicates the situation on the ground is stable.

Images from Reynolds High School show a heavy police response, but initial reports are vague.

According to several users on Twitter, shots were fired at Reynolds High School — however, no information on possible casualties has been confirmed:

Some local news sources are reporting from Twitter, where users claiming to be students are describing a harrowing scene:

“A student tweeted that the school is in lockdown and a number of police cars have rolled up. A second student has tweeted that she heard gunfire. A third reported a police officer racing towards the school’s gymnasium.”

Some reports indicate at least one shooter at Reynolds High School was reportedly active when police arrived:

Local news sources later reported that the alleged shooter has been shot, and has died.

In the aftermath, families of Reynolds High School students have been using Twitter to connect and find their children under the hashtag #RHshooting:

The situation is fluid, and parents are receiving updated information — with the most recent being to report to the Wood Village Fred Meyer, not the Safeway.

Unconfirmed reports have indicated that a teacher may have been hit during the shooting in Troutdale, and law enforcement are slowly giving information to parents on site.

Other unconfirmed reports have suggested there may have been more than one shooter, but that report too remains unclear.

Local police are currently working to reunite parents with students evacuated from the scene.

A live stream from the shooting at Reynolds High School can be seen here.

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