E3 2014: ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Is Freakin’ Insane!

If there is one company that knows how to create insane yet fun games, it is easily going to be Insomniac. The psychotic masterminds behind the Resistance Trilogy, Fuse, and of course the Ratchet & Clank Series is now coming out with a brand new game that is freakin’ insane. You can call it their version of MADWORLD (done by Platinum Games) or their version of Dead Rising (done by Capcom), but is far more insane. Introducing Sunset Overdrive!

According to an article by IGN, during Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference on Monday, Insomniac confirmed numerous details about the upcoming third-person shooter (well… kinda third-person shooter), along with details about an 8-player online co-op mode called “Chaos Mode”.

To be honest, Sunset Overdrive is starting to look a lot like the best of the best Insomniac has to offer. Just like they said, it is the overall collaboration of all their past games into something epic, in which almost all games by Insomniac are epic. Just analyzing their first trailer, there are crazy weapons and a wacky storyline via Ratchet & Clank series, excellent shooter dynamics and aggressive gameplay via Resistance Series, and finally, the character development and team play via Fuse. Not to mention, Sunset Overdrive is very colorful.

Sunset Overdrive is also a milestone for Insomniac too. For many years, Insomniac developed exclusively for Sony. Every single Ratchet & Clank game is on a Sony peripheral or system except the phone apps as an example. Fuse was their first game to go multi-platform and that game got lackluster reviews. I personally picked it up because 1.) it is Insomniac and I support them and 2.) it was only $20, which is the cheapest most new games will ever be. Back on subject, the reason why Sunset Overdrive is an exclusive for Xbox One is to retain the rights and control over the intellectual property, something Insomniac cannot do with their Ratchet & Clank series.

Also, with the newest E3 2014 trailer, seen below, out, it seems that Insomniac now has a bona fide hit in Sunset Overdrive. Let us hope they can truly deliver because, like written earlier in this article, the first time Insomniac went outside of Sony’s exclusivity, the game was a so-so, which may account to why Sunset Overdrive wasn’t on the hype list for E3 2014 games, which was reported earlier on The Inquisitr.

Sunset Overdrive, by Insomniac, is available October 28, 2014, exclusively on the Xbox One.

[Image via Sunset Overdrive presentation at Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2014]