Waffle House Waitress Forced To Return $1000 Tip

A Waffle House waitress was forced to return a $1000 tip. Shaina Brown has worked at the Raleigh, North Carolina, location for seven years. Although she was shocked to received the generous Mother’s Day tip, she was even more shocked that she was not allowed to keep it.

Brown said her best tips average around $5. However, an unidentified businessman wanted to reward the waitress for a job well done. When he signed the credit card receipt, the man added a $1500 tip.

According to Brown, the man asked her to give $500 to another patron, who seemed to be down on her luck. He told Brown to keep the rest for herself. The businessman told Brown that he wanted to “bless” her as she has “a good spirit.”

As a single mother of three children, Brown could have used the extra cash. Although she currently works two jobs, she has struggled to save enough money to fix her car. She said the $1000 tip was indeed a blessing.

Unfortunately, the Waffle House waitress was forced to return the tip. As reported by Think Progress, Brown believes the decision was unfair:

“I feel like they stole from me… They did exactly what they teach us not to do.”

Waffle House spokeswoman Kelly Thrasher said the policy was developed to protect everyone’s interest. While generous cash tips are acceptable, excessive credit card tips are not allowed.

Thrasher said Waffle House routinely refunds larger credit card tips back to the customer. However, the customer has an option of replacing the tip with cash. Thrasher said the policy protects the company and employees. As customers could request a refund on larger credit card tips, cash is the preferred option.

Although Brown was forced to return the $1000 tip, the businessman said he is willing to replace the credit card tip with a personal check. The generous man did not want his identity revealed. However, he wanted to make sure Brown got the money.

Charlotte Observer columnist Josh Shaffer is calling on Raleigh residents to take it a step further:

“I suggest everybody visit the Hillsborough Street Waffle House on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night and specifically request Shaina Brown’s table. Bring cash. Write her name on the bills. And don’t let management take it.”

Shaina Brown said she strives to provide her customers with efficient and friendly service. Although she appreciates recognition for her effort, the Waffle House waitress never expected a $1000 tip.

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