Watch Neymar Help Young Fan Get Best Selfie Ever [Photos, Video]

Neymar, one of the biggest Brazilian football superstars, did one of the nicest things at the team practice camp on Sunday, when a young fan jumped onto the field to try and get near his idols who are preparing for their World Cup debut on Thursday.

In a gesture that won many hearts even before the tournament starts, Neymar interfered with security officers when the young fan decided to get up close and personal and meet several of the Brazil squad players.

Security had responded by attempting to take the young fan away, but to everyone’s surprise Neymar had other ideas and this is what happened next.

The young fan got the best selfie ever in return, a grand gesture by one of the best players in the word who is known for being sympathetic to fans, especially the youngest ones.

After the selfie of a lifetime, which included such players as Willian and David Luiz, Neymar took the boy around and let him join in the practice with the rest of the Brazil squad.

Of course the young fan wasn’t authorized to go onto the field, but Neymar didn’t seem to care about that and in the process gave the kid an experience he won’t soon forget.

Neymar has a big heart when it comes to the youngest fans, and earlier this month a disabled fan left him and others in the Brazil team in tears, when he showed his incredible skills for all to see.

In March, Neymar also put a huge smile on a young fan in South Africa, after a similar incident.

Neymar is one of the biggest superstars in all of football and he is winning hearts not only in Brazil, but all over the world with his kindness towards his young fans.

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