Nearly 80% of College Students Sext Message [Study]

College students love to send each other racy text-messages and nude pics over their phones, according to a recent study 78% of students admit to “sext messaging” better known as “sexting” as part of their daily routines.

The study, which occurred among 200 students at the University of Rhode Island found that of the 78% of students who admitted to sexting, 56% sent nude or barely nude picture messages, while 73% of all respondents who admitted to sexting said they only did so with a romantically linked partner.

While it may be a “way of life” for many college students, they should be warned that 10% of recipients said they passed the messages and dirty pictures on to at least one friend without first getting permission from the original sending party.

According to the study’s author students are sexting because:

“At the age of most college students, people are filtering through relationships at a faster rate,” while adding, “People want to feel a sense of belonging so they are sharing more of themselves with people they are still getting to know.”

Some students interviewed were only 17 years old and admitted to sexting, even though it’s illegal to send dirty text messages under the age of 18 in the state.

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