Reid Wiseman Makes Space Living Fun

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman seems like the ultimate tourist. Ever since he went into space for the first time, the exuberant former US Naval Test Pilot turned Space engineer has been snapping photos and tweeting them like crazy. And since he’ll be residing on the International Space Station for six months, it’s certain that we’ll see more of the same on his” target=”_blank”>Twitter page.

What makes Reid perhaps more interesting than some of his predecessors is his sheer excitement and his adorable sidekick, Giraffiti, a stuffed toy he received from his two daughters as a pre-launch gift. The little toy giraffe has seen more action than Buzz Lightyear as Reid floats him throughout the ISS and uses him in selfie photo-ops.

Giraffiti isn’t the only toy Reid brought to space, however. He apparently brought a red die along and rolled it, snapping a shot of the thing tumbling weightlessly about. And he also brough along some other gadgets, one of the being the toy he used to create the “1st Vine from space,” a video of the Sun he beamed down for the delight of all his fans.

In spite of all the fun, Reid Wiseman has a serious job aboard the ISS. While he’s up there for the next six months as a flight engineer, he’ll go on several space walks as needed, such as the recent one mentioned here. He’ll be expected to work on science experiments, help keep things running smoothly, and document a few events a bit more crucial than the flight of his stomach while he’s working out on the treadmill.

Reid is no stranger to hard work or important missions. As a former Naval pilot who served during some of the more recent US conflicts in the Middle East, and later as a test pilot, he really knows his stuff. He’s earned numerous awards for his services and is a credit to his country. It was also quite pleasing to note that during his stay in Russia, in spite of all the political upheaval between that country and the United States, Reid still made friends with the cosmonauts there and paid his respects to the first man ever to leave the planet, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

For some kids in elementary school, a lot of excitement culminated today as well. They’ve been competing to see which of their science experiments would be conducted aboard the ISS in the near future. And the winner was announced just a few hours ago. Now, thanks to McGowan Park Elementary, the astronauts will work on a project entitled “Creating Crystals in Space.” Astronauts are slated to release their project out into space sometime this fall.

What happens when you try to wring out a washcloth in space? Watch this video to find out: