Galveston Shark Attack On Texas Beach Leaves Teen With Back And Shoulder Bite Wound [Video]

A Galveston shark attack ends with a teen suffering a large bite wound to her upper back and right shoulder.

Mikaela Amezaga, 14, and her family were enjoying a relaxing day on the gulf beach when the incident occurred over the weekend.

The Houston teen didn’t require hospitalization or stitches, but she did have big bite marks. According to 12 News Now, the teen suffered shark bites to her upper back and shoulder.

Makaela and her family were at their home on Galveston’s west beach, the report says. After tanning all afternoon, Makaela went into the gulf water to cool off. The water wasn’t even waist-deep when she realized a shark was nearby.

The teenager says she could hear a “chomp” about to be taken out of her. She says of the Galveston shark attack:

“Just like in the movies, when a shark opens its mouth.”

Luckily, the shark bite didn’t feel painful to Makaela. She recalls it feeling like something hit her shoulder. Makaela didn’t see the shark herself after the attack, but she describes the experience “as some kind of close encounter.” Makaela ran to tell her mother she thought she was bitten by a shark after she ran out of the water.

Makaela’s father, Daniel Amezaga, shares this with the Houston Chronicle:

“She was a little ways out. She went there to cool off. After a few minutes, she came out and said she felt something on her back.”

Makaela’s mother noticed blood on her shoulder when she moved her hair to the side. They had a doctor friend who examined the injuries; it was determined that the bite was a superficial wound that didn’t require stitches.

The shark attack could have easily been much worse — and Makaela’s father knows it. Daniel Amezaga goes on to say:

“I couldn’t believe it. It could have been a leg or arm. It definitely could have been worse. We have a smaller child, and there were a bunch of kids there.”

According to the Houston Chronicle report, the family didn’t report the shark attack to the Galveston Island Beach Patrol, but they’re used to seeing sharks swimming in the area. Daniel says:

“We see sharks all the time. Usually, they’re after fish – not people.”

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[Image via Houston Chronicle]

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