Orange Beach Sharks Moving Closer To Alabama Shore, Officials Close Swim Area

Orange Beach sharks in Alabama are posing a problem at a popular swim destination because they’re too close to shore. reports that a “rare shark event” is taking place at Orange Beach with double red flags being flown. Alabama Point East and Shell Lot close to Caribe is off limits to swimmers until sharks venture out further out into the gulf.

City officials say people are drawing sharks to Orange Beach by throwing fish carcasses in the water. Sharks are attracted to the easy meals and are devouring the extra goodies.

Aquatics and Beach Safety Director Melvin Sheperd says in a press release:

“Hopefully once people stop throwing their fish carcasses into the water they [sharks] may not be swimming in such numbers that close to the beach.”

Yellow flags are up at other beach areas where people are urged to proceed with caution. Double red flags mean no one is allowed to enter the beach area and ocean is closed to swimmers.

Aerial footage from reveals less than 12 Orange Beach sharks were seen underwater.

Blake Brown of News 5 cruised around in a boat to better inspect the sharks. The types of sharks convening in the area aren’t known, but a boater thinks some might be Mako sharks. Makos are common in the gulf area.

WTV4 News also reports that beach safety supervisor Melvin Shepard says the beach closings started over the weekend, and fire officials confirm the closings will be enforced through Monday.

Sharks don’t normally bother humans and feed predominately on fish and other aquatic life. Shark attacks still occur on the gulf coast, however. Last summer, a man was pulled from gulf waters along Pensacola Beach after he was attacked.

In 2001, a boy by the name of Jessie Arbogast was viciously attacked by a shark in the Pensacola Beach area, but was saved by his uncle, who wrestled the shark to release him. Jessie suffered permanent brain damage and is wheelchair-bound.

Inquisitr has reported on multiple incidents involving shark attacks. The latest one has to do with a 38-year-old woman in Florida, who suffered a serious bite to her leg. Her Achilles tendon was injured and her calf was reportedly just inches from being completely torn off.

Alabama is trying to avoid any life-threatening injuries to locals and tourists by waiting for the Orange Beach sharks to clear out. Officials will update the status of Orange Beach Tuesday.

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