Las Vegas Shooters Linked To ‘III Percent’ Patriot Movement

The suspected Las Vegas shooters were the subject of a lengthy local profile in the Las Vegas Review Journal, but an expert on domestic extremists says that the pair may have been more ” ‘III Percent’ Patriot ” extremists than white separatists.

While media reports have yet to name the Las Vegas shooter suspects initially, the Southern Poverty Law Center — a group that in part monitors domestic hate groups — has identified the deceased suspects as married couple Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller.

Facebook posts recently shared by the suspects reveal a political stripe in line with patriot movement rhetoric, but the most recent by suspected shooter Jerad Miller hints at a simmering intent to make “sacrifices” of unspecified description:

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Further down on Miller’s page are references to conspiracy theories like chemtrails and posts about Benghazi, as well as several memes involving gun control.

Amanda Miller’s “likes” on Facebook — where she chronicled her life in Las Vegas — included Ron Paul, a III Percenter page, the Drudge Report, and several other right-wing pages.

Jerad Miller “liked” Three Percenter Nation, the NRA, Conservative Daily, and Operation American Spring. According to J.M. Berger, a noted expert on domestic extremists, the affiliation of the suspected Las Vegas shooters may be a harbinger of future violent discontent.

A Gawker article on the Las Vegas shooters and “patriot” militias prompted Berger to speak at length about the rise in domestic terror, and he explained on Twitter:

It appears that the couple spoke at length about an inclination to violence:

In Berger’s estimation, classifying the suspects in the Las Vegas shootings as white supremacists is probably inaccurate, and he adds:

Most worryingly, Berger muses:

However, he reiterates:

Reportedly, the Las Vegas shooters left behind a “manifesto,” which if found could clarify their motivations.

[Image: Jerad Miller Facebook]

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