Las Vegas Execution-Style Shooting Rampage Leaves Officers, Civilian Dead, Extremists Responsible

Las Vegas had a bloody weekend when an extremist couple calling for a “revolution” killed two police officers and one civilian before turning the guns on themselves. Witnesses say a bloody, execution-style murder took place in a Las Vegas Cici’s Pizza just before 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Witnesses told the Las Vegas Sun that the couple walked up behind two officers who were sitting quietly enjoying some pizza. They shot them both in the back of the head. The witnesses say it all happened so fast that the first officer shot probably didn’t even see it coming.

Witness Sheree Burns told KTNV:

“I just sat down to have lunch. The officers were sitting in front of her at a table. A man came in out of nowhere and I thought he was going to get a drink. He walked past me and then he turned around, pulled a gun on his right and shot an officer in front of me.”

After shooting the two officers in the Cici’s Pizza, the couple ran across the street to a nearby Wal-Mart and killed a civilian shopper at the store’s main entrance. When police began to close in on the couple, the wife shot the husband and then herself. Witnesses at the pizza shop told officers that prior to the shooting the couple shouted, “this is a revolution.”

The officers who were killed in the Las Vegas pizza shooting were identified as Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31. Both were married with children: Beck left behind a wife and three children; Soldo, a wife and a baby. The woman killed at the Wal-Mart has yet to be identified to the public.

The couple responsible for the shooting apparently held extremist views. According to CNN Justice, a “manifesto” of sorts was found at one of the scenes. Police have yet to disclose exactly what was identified as a motive in the writings. Other witnesses also describe revolutionary statements being made by the couple during the shooting. Alvero Lopez told KLAS the suspects made a comment to him as they passed:

“He just told me to tell the cops that it was a revolution and that he’d just killed two cops inside CiCis.”

Police also found two backpacks and some flags with undisclosed insignia. The investigation into exactly what type of revolution the couple was hoping to achieve with this shooting is still underway.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas police community is mourning the loss of two of their own. Sheriff Doug Gillespie made the statement:

“We still have a community to police and we still have a community to protect. We will be out there doing it with our heads held high but with an emptiness in our heart.”

[Image Credit: Kansas City Star]

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