Meryl And Maks: DWTS Champions Not Officially A Couple, But Fans Hopeful

Meryl and Maks are atop the Dancing with the Stars world, but fans are hopeful that the couple with amazing chemistry on the dance floor will try their fortunes dating in real life too.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis were paired up for the most recent season of the dance show competition (which they ended up winning), and fans quickly noticed the chemistry that they shared. This morphed into rumors that Meryl and Maks were dating, which the stars themselves fueled with dinners together and gushy statements in the press.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Maks even went so far as to use the L-word.

“I love her. I love her! I love her as a person and for what she has allowed me to do with our choreography and how much she’s embraced it… I literally had a perfect partnership with Meryl. Everything just came together.”

But there are now reports that the relationship is nothing more than an affectionate friendship. Sources say that Maks is known to be close to the women in his life, and considers Meryl a very good friend.

“[Maks] is that affectionate with all women,” a source said. “He always acts like that. It’s how he is, very touchy-feely.”

Maks himself said the rumors are natural given how close dancers become on the show.

“[The rumors are] always circulating around us dancers,” he said. “It’s fine. That’s the nature of what we do. We’re always in close proximity to each other. In order to produce what Meryl and I produced, there had to have been so much chemistry, and we had it. And that’s what leads people who are not used to that to speculate, which is great. I love that.”

Fans might not be happy to hear that the two aren’t a couple. Many online are rooting for Maks and Meryl to become a couple, and have taken to social media to show their support.

One fan even went so far as to create a 22-minute compilation of the two rehearsing their dance routines. Unfortunately, that may be the closest that fans get to seeing Maks and Meryl become a couple in real life.