IGN Blunders on ‘The Last Guardian’ By Announcing The Game Is Cancelled… Then Apologizes For Their Blunder

IGN recently blundered on their news reporting when they reported that the upcoming Playstation 3 title, The Last Guardian, was cancelled just to find out it wasn’t. In light of this situation, IGN has written a new article apologizing to their readers for what they have done.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, E3 2014 is just around the corner in which IGN usually invests a lot of their time and manpower in reporting. But until it begins this coming Tuesday, we have reported on upcoming game predictions for the most anticipated video game show in the business. Video game fans don’t have to wait long though, because some companies have already released their trailers for E3 2014, such as Mortal Kombat 10.

Let’s face it. IGN is probably the biggest video gaming website on the internet today. They’ve been around since 1994, and they’ve liquidated all the other big-name websites including Gamespy. The only other video game website that is still around since their time is probably GameFAQs, and IGN has been treading on their territory too by giving their video game fans the ability to contribute to their FAQs, which have more organization and a better presentation. So in short, IGN has the video game thing down to an art, possibly to a lifestyle.

That’s what makes this blunder on The Last Guardian such a big deal!

Originally, the story on The Last Guardian cancellation got its inside scoop from an internal source speaking to IGN Russia, which was supposedly disclosed during Sony’s internal meeting last week. Last March, Scott Rohde, Head of Software Product Development at Sony, said that The Last Guardian is still “absolutely in the mix at Sony Worldwide Studios.” Now it is understandable if The Last Guardian did get cancelled because it was first revealed at E3 2009. Many people anticipating the video game, which is considered the third installment in a trilogy that includes ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, could not wait for its release. Eventually, the reports would come out that The Last Guardian would release in 2012. By now, it should be realized the video game did not.

It seemed as if IGN had all the inside sources to report The Last Guardian, being a video game added to the list of cancelled games gamers will never get to experience… until Scott Rohde sent out this tweet on his Twitter account:

That my friends is a big kick to IGN‘s face, which could possibly hurt their credibility, not just with their fans, but with video game companies. To remedy this situation with video game fans and Sony, IGN released another article apologizing on their erroneously reported cancellation of The Last Guardian. Steve Butts, IGN‘s Editor in Chief, explained that the source was credible enough to run the story at the time.

It should also be reported that after finding out Scott Rohde’s Twitter message to be more credible, Butts did apologize first to the IGN fans who have criticized the rest of the staff, gamers, Sony, and Team ICO for any issues the previous article caused. He does hope video game fans will forgive IGN for their blunder, and I personally believe they will. Unfortunately for most people, they see the one mistake compared to all the good done. Good example: the 2007 New England Patriots. Undefeated during the season, undefeated all the way up to the Super Bowl, then they lose at the biggest game.

[Image via Team ICO Promotions of The Last Guardian]