Jon Meis, Student Who Stopped The Seattle Shooting Spree By Aaron Ybarra, Showered With Wedding Gifts

Jon Meis may have stopped the Seattle shooting spree by Aaron Ybarra without expecting anything in return, but many strangers who have felt a desire to reward the college student have been showering Meis and his fiance Kaylie with tens of thousands of dollars in wedding gifts.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the lawyers for Ybarra claim the SPU shooter had long-standing mental health issues, which makes the mass shooting similar to that of Elliot Rodger, who suffered from mental illnesses and perhaps even Asperger’s syndrome.

Now ESPN sports radio producer Jessamyn McIntyre believes that Jon Meis deserves to be rewarded for pepper-spraying and pinning down Ybarra while he was reloading his shotgun in the lobby of the building where the Seattle shooting happened. Although every item on the wedding registry has already been purchased, McIntyre started a GoFundMe campaign to raise cash as a wedding gift to the future couple:

“Seattle Police say if he didn’t take action that day, there was almost certain to be more loss of life. He and his fiance are getting married on June 21st and this page is here simply for those in the community who wish to show gratitude toward this local hero. This couple hasn’t asked for anything, but many wish to contribute to their future – here is the place to do so…. I do not have a personal relationship with Jon Meis or his family, but was touched by his actions, along with all of you. I have been in contact with Seattle Pacific University, who have notified Jon and his family about your generous support. I will be working with SPU staff when the time comes to close the page.”

The cash gifts to Jon Meis and the future Kaylie Meis have blown past the goal of $5,000 and the total is already within reach of purchasing a fixer upper house. As of this writing, the campaign has raised $46,080 and it is possible that it could go even higher during the week (the amount almost doubled since yesterday).

In addition, another student at the college has created the SPU student relief fund, which plans on helping the victims of the Seattle shooting. This effort has also enjoyed much success and the initial goal was raised all the way up to $15,000. As of this writing, the relief effort has raised $14,492 and I expect it may rise even higher.

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